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Biography: Cynthia J. Sullivan

Cynthia J. Sullivan recently graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Art Practices from Middle Tennessee State University. She is passionate about both art and education, and looks forward to using her degree to make a positive impact in her community. She finds deep satisfaction in the act of creation, as well as in the meaningful conversations and deep cultural understandings that develop around art and aesthetics. Her work focuses on mental health issues, and has been featured in juried exhibitions including the Cummins Station annual Community Arts Program Student Exhibition, in Nashville, Tn.  In addition to creating her own art, she also works as a private art instructor, as well as holding a position as a staff person at an emergency women's shelter, in Murfreesboro, Tn. She is a skilled painter who also loves liquid cheese, meeting new people, and her cats Bernie and Bash.

Artist's Statement: Cynthia J. Sullivan

My art is an avenue through which I strive to understand myself and the world around me. As a naturally curious and creative person, I love exploring new media, and I enjoy making art that is cheerful and encouraging in addition to my more serious, thought provoking work. The primary, recurrent themes in my art include identity and mental health issues.


Through self portraits I explore my own experiences with anxiety and depression, as well as the mundane and meaningful events in my every day life. I am deeply interested in art and art making's therapeutic qualities. I strive to create work that is both meaningful and beautiful.


Most recently, I have sought to focus less on my own experiences and create art which can act as a platform through which others explore and articulate their own experiences with the tension of plurality, mental health disorders, and the complex ways we form our identities.


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